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EssaySafe helps students and professors with exams and assignments (Photos)

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As Co-Founders Alex Rattray and Y. Clarke Hung stood in front of 250 technologists at the January edition of Philly Tech Meetup, Alex began by asking a question. "How many of you have used a blue book in college to write exams?" Almost the entire room raised their hands, and kept their hands up for the following question. "How many of you expect that to not be the case?" Well it's still the case. And that's why Alex and Clarke created EssaySafe. Running off of Google Docs, you can take your exam, or create an essay, assignment or other homework right in the cloud. This way, if say the power goes out, your work is safe and you can open it from another computer.

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Once you log in, you can take an exam from your laptop without pen and paper, and without the ability to cheat. For example, in the menu, a lot of options are gone, such as File New, File Save, you can't get out of full screen mode, you can't right click and hit "research online", and other security measures to ensure that all you are doing, is typing your paper or working on your exam. Overall EssaySafe seems to solve a problem that has been giving both students and professors headaches forever.

As it states on their website: For Students - With the assignment questions right in the document, you don't have to worry about losing a piece of paper or hunting through Blackboard for a mysteriously-named pdf.

Real-time Saving - Everything you write is saved to Google Docs the second it's typed, and accessible from anywhere. No need to worry about your computer crashing or forgetting your laptop at a friend's house.

Submit your Paper - Painlessly - No more last-minute battles with the printer and no more lost emails and forgotten attachments. Just hit Submit. That's it.

As it states on their website: For Professors - The End of "My ______ Broke!" - EssaySafe uses Google Docs at its core, so everything is instantly saved to the cloud. If a student's computer crashes, they can continue their work on another computer.

Save Paper - There's no longer a need to make reams of photocopies for each assignment. Collect essays paperlessly, too: students' papers automatically arrive in a special folder in your Google Docs.

All submissions in one place - Easily view exactly when each student started and submitted their essay, compile all student submissions into one document, and more.

EssaySafe seems like a pretty cool web app, and if you are a student or a professor, check it out and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment here.

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