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Essay Writing Tips Your Professor Wouldn’t Give, but Would Agree with

When you write a paper on a subject, you are often given the requirements for it. You can expect the grade you get to be based on the quality. But only fortune knows what comes to your professors’ minds when they read your genius texts. Of course, they will never tell you that. So, we’ll try to do it for them. Probably your professor would want to mention some of the following remarks.

Get clear and less formal

Don’t be a know-it-all. Nevertheless academic writing is becoming less formal and more concentrated on the author’s opinion. It doesn’t necessarily mean you may write what comes to your mind without the supporting facts.

Thus, study the arguments, choose a stance and support it with proof. At the same time, you can now write a text without unnecessary constructions. Impersonal presentation of the data is one of those. You can now use the I and we pronouns to guide the reader through the narrative.

Reduce your text

Write your paragraph, and then reduce it leaving only important information. Excessive wordiness can only distract the reader. Imagine what Hemingway would’ve done. .

Good infographics will help
Academic writing is still writing, and backing up your text with pictures that are graphics will let the whole essay look more convincing. It also gives your reader a short rest.

Don’t aim for complicated forms
Avoid complex words, long sentences and rare constructions. They won’t make your paper look deeper than it is. If you don’t research the topic in a right way, your professor will find out. No complicated terms will conceal that.

See the essay as your DIY project; put some time and effort into it. Sites like Custom Essay offer help. Still it’s all up to you whether to make use of their assistance or cope with your paper on your own.

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