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Essa promiscuity brought to light by brother

Dr. Yazeed Essa was very much the playboy he was described as by his lawyer according to his brother, Firas.  Firas testified on Wednesday that Yazeed was very promiscuous as a single man, going so far as to have a challenge of how many women he could sleep with in a day without them finding out about the others.  The final tally was six.

Yazeed wasn't picky either.  Some of his targets were fellow students in medical school while some he picked up in bars.  It's at least somewhat mollifying he didn't resort to picking up women of the night for his escapades.

Firas is a witness for the prosecution, meant to set out that Yazeed's sexual promiscuity.  This isn't contested by the defense and this also helps build their case of another lover killed Yazeed's wife Rosemarie.  There are still a number of questions regarding that theory, but the defense's number one choice for jilted lover suspect, Marguerita Montanez, will be testifying at some point in the trial.


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