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Esquoia - Reusable Notebook

Esquoia is a novel notebook. It employs the necessary tweaks to improve handwriting experience and catch-up with rapid advancements otherwise happening in the world of technology. Computers and technology have advanced super fast, getting smarter and smaller. E-readers have even changed the way we read! On the other hand, it seems like the handwriting experience remains one small but vital area that stopped improving since the invention of wood pulp paper a long time ago. With the Esquoia notebook, that's no longer the case!

Some people tend to accumulate filled notebooks somewhere on a bookshelf for years. We may tend to postpone memorizing and learning things because we know they will be stored. However, we hardly ever take a look at those notes if ever at all. Esquoia promotes responsibility of learning and memorizing things at the moment of your work. Knowing that you will have to erase ideas and notes encourages you to learn without postponing. Thus Esquoia helps to improve your memory and learning skills.

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