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ESPN hosts Game of Skate competition in Bristol Connecticut

Mike Mo Capaldi takes it home - ESPN Game of Skate competition
Mike Mo Capaldi takes it home - ESPN Game of Skate competition
Bill Harper / CT Sports Photography

Some of the best street skaters in the world were in attendance at the ESPN campus in Bristol on August 1st for the first, Game of Skate competition. Eight skaters went head to head in a game of S.K.A.T.E., which had the same basic rules as the classic basketball game H.O.R.S.E. The first skater completes a trick, and the remaining skaters must also complete the same trick. If they don't land the trick, they receive a letter. When a skater has spelled out S.K.A.T.E., that skater is eliminated. The last one standing wins.

Mike Mo Capaldi takes the top spot
Bill Harper CT Sports Photography Examiner

The eight skaters who competed were Nyjah Huston a nine-time X Games medalist, Chris Cole a Five-time X Games medalist, Mike Mo Capaldi the 2008 Battle of the Berrics champion, Tom Asta a Six-time X Games competitor, PJ Ladd the 2012 and 2013 Battle at the Berrics champion, Billy Marks an Eleven-time X Games competitor, Shane O'neill an Eight-time X Games competitor and Brandon Westgate X Games 2011 Real street fan-vote champion.

The contest was skateboarding in its original form, where skaters make the most of a skateboard and a flat stretch of pavement. The athletes didn't disappoint, with some of the best street skating ever witnessed that kept the crowd cheering the entire time.

The finals came down to Mike Mo Capaldi vs PJ Ladd, both very technical skaters. The favorite to win it was Mike Mo but Bostons PJ Ladd who is also an amazing skater seemed to keep up with ease. In the end Mo who stated that "this is my first trophy" held on for the win.

The event will be televised on ABC August 10th at 5pm ET as part of the World of X Games series. Make sure you tune in to see what was a great day of skateboarding. Also be sure to check out the X Games website for all the info on the contest and future events like the Winter X Games in Aspen and the Summer X Games which was recently moved to Austin Texas after being held in Los Angeles for many years.

View slideshow for all the action shots from the days contest.

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