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ESPA at Vdara's newest trend

Spencer Wright

Wondering what’s new and hot in body treatments? Well look no further, ESPA at Vdara has the newest and hottest in pedicure treatments. I hope you love snakes! ESPA has introduced their newest pedicure, the snakeskin pedicure.

A fashion trend that surpasses all others is that of the snakeskin pedicure. After the relaxing and a conditioning treatment of an ESPA pedicure, it will be topped off with the naturally shed skin of a snake. Using a Bio Sculpture Gel, the expert manicurist will bond the snake skin to your nail sculpting it perfectly and topping it off with a polish to seal it, making it a shiny and giving it a perfectly slithering finish.

No worries if real snake skin does not do it for you. ESPA has a faux snake skin alternative for those adverse to the use of real animal skins. The cost of this luxurious and ultra-fashion forward treatment is $200 for the natural snake skin and $215 for the faux snake skin treatment.

ESPA at Vdara is a full service spa and salon equipped with a fitness room and smoothie bar. The fitness is home to all of the latest in cardio machines, exercise machines and free weights. The smoothie bar provides the perfect spa and fitness accessories that include but are not limited to smoothies, juices, coffee, tea and more. For more information on ESPA Vdara click here.