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Eschscholzia californica the California poppy

Sacramento organic gardening would not be complete without at least one clump of California poppy. Eschscholzia californica is a brilliant spot of orange and sometimes orange/yellow that can brings organic gardening a lot of joy and beauty. Poppies are excellent for attracting native bees to your garden. California native plants are native bee friendly. Honey bees also like the California poppy. There are other varieties of poppy that look like the California poppy. One of these is Eachscholzia lobbii or the frying pan poppy, which is smaller and the blooms are flat like a frying pan. Another is Eschschulzia caespitosa which is often referred to as the Tuffed Poppy and looks quite a bit similar to the California poppy. This is a poppy about the same size and the blossom is cup shaped.

California's state flower is an excellent addition to organic gardening.
David Stillwell
The California poppy
David Stillwell

Improving Organic organic gardening with poppies

One way to improve your organic garden is to plant poppies. Native bees and honey bees love poppies. By attracting active pollinators to your garden you can improve the yield of vegetables. Any of these native poppies will do well in most gardens. They are typically early bloomers and are done by the end of June. You can tell the California poppy apart be the red receptacle that appear under the blossom. It is very evident at the base of seed pods. An interesting fact is that poppy seed pods for all three of these species explode to scatter their seeds. You can save yourself a lot of work by snipping off most of the seed pods and either saving them for next year or putting them in your weed bin. It only takes a few poppies to cause a massive crop for next year. That is one of the greatest attributes about these poppies. Besides the fact that native bees love them, they are effortless color to your yard and garden.