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'Escaping the Prophet' spoilers: Check out Jan. 21 spoilers from sneak peek

Warren Jeffs
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Last night was a new episode of "Escaping the Prophet." This series is all about leaving the FLDS community that was ran by Warren Jeffs. A woman who used to be part of the lifestyle is helping people to get out. Thanks to Flora Jessup a lot of people are now living a normal life. On Jan. 15, TLC posted a new sneak peek on their Facebook page which is full of spoilers.

On the new episode airing on Jan. 21, Flora will be helping Edwin to get out. This is a man and they normally work on getting women out of the life. Women are hard to come by and they want to keep them, but they kick the boys out a lot of the time.

Edwin wants a normal life again and they are going to help him get out of the FLDS and get what he wants. Do you think they will be able to get him out? Make sure you watch next week to find out.

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