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'Escaping the Prophet' on TLC: Was this show canceled?

Warren Jeffs
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

TLC fans sat down in front of the TV tonight planning to watch the show "Escaping the Prophet." It normally airs on Tuesday nights. On Jan. 28, there was no new episode it looks like this show is just gone. Did they decide to cancel it?

Fans are all over the TLC Facebook page asking where it is and saying it was canceled. Three episodes of this show have aired and now if you search the guide it is not on again at all. It appears to have just disappeared off the schedule and they are showing repeats of other shows instead.

There are posts up on Flora Jessop's page too saying they are not happy the show is gone. Flora also went to Twitter to talk about it confirming the show is canceled. The viewers of this show are not very happy that only three episodes aired and they are going to miss it. It doesn't appear that TLC is even going to talk about the fact that "Escaping the Prophet" was canceled, but simply took it off the air.

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