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Escaping From a Horrible Date

Getting away from a bad date can be difficult, especially if you don't want to be rude.
Getting away from a bad date can be difficult, especially if you don't want to be rude.

You are on a horrible date but you don’t want to be rude, so how do you end it? There are a few different ways that you could end the horrible date, some of them might be a little rude but you will surely get your point across.

Before ending the date determine what it is about the person that bothers you. Is it the way they chew their food? Is it the way they talk, walk, laugh, or even blink? Remember to not be so picky because nobody is perfect. There is however a person who would be perfect for you and it is your job to figure that out. Determine a few qualities you would want to have in a partner before going out on a date. Do not set your standards too high or you may just end up alone and lonely. It is also important that you don’t settle either so you should choose up to 5 things that a person must have to be a perfect match for you. Some examples are:

  1. A good sense of humor.
  2. A love for animals and kids.
  3. Looking to get married in the future.
  4. Not lazy and has a job.
  5. Loves the outdoors.

Keep this list in mind while you are out on your date. Now you are sitting across from your horrible date and you absolutely cannot stand them, but you don’t know how to end it. Sometimes the person can be nice and all but there is just something about them that irks you. Here are a few ways to get out of a date:

  1. Tell them that you don’t feel good. When they take you home and say “we have to do this again sometime” tell them “I’ll get a hold of you”. This is a good way to slowly distance yourself from them.
  2. Tell them that you just don’t feel a connection and think you two should end the date before it progresses.
  3. Tell your horrible date that you didn’t realize how late it was getting and you need to help your sister with her kids. (Or cousin, friend, whatever you choose)
  4. Tell them you had a nice time but you don’t feel like they’re the one.
  5. You could also just flat out tell them that this is a horrible date and you wish them luck in all their endeavors.
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