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Escaping Alaska turns ugly, cops arrive as Nuala flees from Q

City of San Diego
Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Tonight's new installment of Escaping Alaska on TLC turns ugly for the five native Alaskans who jetted to San Diego. Qituvituaq (also known as “Q”) becomes upset and resorts to calling the police about Nuala. There is dissension in the ranks, but did it have to go that far? You be the judge.

In a lengthy preview video clip of tonight's show, you'll see Nuala running out of the hostel at which the group are housed, pleading with the camera operators for the show's production company to get her out of the vicinity, while the other two women in the group, Mary and Tamara listen behind the closed door to their room.

To be fair to Q, it appears that he realizes the 9-1-1 call might have been a bit of an overreaction. It's not that he is sorry, because he is not, but he is able to admit that he's not feeling well and taking medication that doesn't allow him to remain as calm as he'd like.

"I had bronchitis and I'm on steroids, so it makes me a little overly emotional about stuff," he told the police officers on site. That did not help his case with the two cops who looked at his identification, then looked at him again and asked, "How old are you?"

It turns out that the Inupiaq Eskimo native of Alaska is 32 years old, making him the group elder, which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on what your view of his role is in the group. His explanation of why he called them tied back to his feeling "overly emotional" about Nuala glaring at him, while Q thought she was drunk, bringing negative energy to him.

When he confronted Nuala on the street after the cops exited the scene, she asked why he doesn't like her. His explanation gives us a hint of something other than a bad drug reaction, which Mary picks up on and says, "I think Q likes Nuala and that is why he's reacting the way he is," as the scene flashes back to the day in the bathing suit shop as Q and the others watched Nuala try on lots of bikinis before she finally chose one.

Q tells the distraught Nuala, "I bought you f@@@#ing glasses and food...I've never been mean to you." Nuala pleads with him to explain what brought him to that boiling point and the two speak past each other, unable to understand the other's point of view.

After the first two episodes in the Escaping Alaska series, during which there was a sense of camaraderie and spirit of hope, tonight's show titled, "Hostile Hostel & Hollywood Bound" takes the fun right out of it all. In another segment of the show, Tamara finally gets to Los Angeles and begins to see what finding an acting job might really look like.

TLC airs new episodes of Escaping Alaska at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday nights. Photo credit: TLC, used with permission.

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