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Escaped Prisoner Turns Himself in to Get Out of Frigid Air

Officials at Blackburn Correctional Complex in Lexington Kentucky must not have delivered the Polar Vortex forecast to inmates. Richard Vick, an inmate at the facility, escaped on Sunday, January 5, only to turn himself in the following day because he was so cold!

According to WLWT in Cincinnati, Vick, who was serving a sentence of six years incarceration after being convicted for possession of criminal tools as well as for burglary, walked into a motel and asked employees to call police for him.

At the time he turned himself in on Monday, stating that he wanted to get out of the cold, temperatures were plunging through the single digits and the wind chill was already 20 below zero.

Authorities called paramedics to the scene to examine the 42 year-old escapee who was treated for hypothermia. Fox News said Richard Vick was returned to the correctional facility after being treated.

For those outside Kentucky, or areas like Columbus Ohio, where temperatures fell well below zero and wind chills plunged to as much as 40 below zero in just a matter of several hours, who may not have a concept of just how cold it was, Richard Vick may come to symbolize the bone-chilling effects of the Polar Vortex - it was so cold that an escaped prison inmate turned himself in so he could go back to prison just to escape the cold.

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