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Escaped Michigan prisoner abducts woman at knifepoint: Manhunt for murderer

Escaped prisoner manhunt for Michigan murderer who abducted woman at knifepoint on Sunday after escaping Michigan prison.
Michigan Department of Corrections

A convicted murderer escaped a Michigan prison and abducted a woman at knife point in her car on Sunday. He drove with the woman about 130 miles south, stopping at a gas station where the woman managed to escape, but the murderer is still at large, according to GMA via Yahoo on Feb. 3.

Police are looking for the woman’s red 2004 Jeep Liberty with four-doors that escaped prisoner Michael David Elliot drove away in. The Michigan license plate number is 5FTG55.

Elliot escaped from the Ionia Correctional Facility on Sunday. Authorities believe that he got out through a hole in the prison yard fence, one that he made himself to escape.

This man is extremely dangerous, he is convicted of murdering four people, armed robbery and burning down a home in Gladwin County back in 1993, according to Up North Live today. Authorities from Michigan are expected to interview the abducted woman to see if he may have given up any information during the 130 mile ride in the car before she was able to escape. He may have said something that would give the authorities a hint about his intended destination.

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