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Escaped convicted killer captured after chase

On Monday, Feb. 3, MSN reported the convicted killer who escaped from a Michigan prison was apprehended after a chase between him and law enforcement authorities. The convict had abducted a woman during his escape however, she was able to free herself.

Convicted killer who escaped from prison has been captured
Ionia Correctional Facility/Department of Corrections

Michael David Elliot shocked prison officials when he managed to escape through a hole he’d made in the fences surrounding the prison. Making the escape even more unexpected was the fact that Elliot had been a model prisoner for the 20 years he’d been in custody.

Prisons spokesman Russ Marlan reported that Elliot had dressed in a white kitchen uniform and was able to elude the guards of the Ionia Correctional Facility by blending in with the snow.

Elliot was apprehended by police in LaPorte County, Ind., after a chase with state police according to Indiana State Police Sgt. Ron Galaviz. Elliot had stolen a car from a factory in LaPorte and the chase began when a sheriff’s deputy spotted the stolen Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Sheriff’s Maj. John Boyd revealed that police officers chased Elliot through the city and several miles to Kankakee Township. Officers used stop sticks to disable the vehicle forcing Elliot to attempt to run from police on foot.

Elliot was captured and arrested before being transported to the LaPorte County Jail. The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department stated that in addition to the escape and abduction charges, Elliot is facing charges of motor vehicle theft and resisting law enforcement.

Marlan stated that prison officials are still trying to determine how Elliot managed to escape through the fences. The fences surrounding the prison are equipped with motion sensors and are electrified so that anyone coming in contract with them should be shocked.

According to Marlan, “It appears that did not happen. He was not zapped with electricity, and he was not picked up by the motion sensors.”

After escaping from the prison, Elliot abducted a woman and stole her vehicle. When Elliot stopped in Middlebury, Ind., to get gas, the woman was able to escape unhurt.

Police officers discovered the woman’s jeep abandoned in Shinshewana. When questioned by police officers, the woman alerted them to the fact that Elliot was armed with a box cutter and a hammer.

Michigan Corrections Department Director Dan Heyns stated, “We had dog teams. We had a helicopter from the state police. The response was good, but he’d left the area by the time we were mobilized totally 100 percent. It didn’t take him long to get down to Indiana.”

When Elliot stepped out of the jeep to pump gas, the woman used a cell phone she’d hid from him to contact 911. She then ran to the restroom and locked herself inside until police arrived.

Elliot was serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of four people and burning their Gladwin County house in 1993. According to court records, Elliot and his accomplices were attempting to steal money from a drug dealer.

Once Elliot who was 20 at the time, police found the gun that was proven to be the murder weapon on him. During his trial, one of his co-defendants testified against him.

Elliot was convicted of first-degree murder in 1994. He is being held in Indiana without bond while he waits for extradition back to Michigan.

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