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Escape to Barr Lake State Park for a break from the holiday rush

Visit Barr Lake State Park for a close-up view of the bald eagle
Visit Barr Lake State Park for a close-up view of the bald eagle

Don't have time to go to the mountains this holiday season?  There is plenty of beauty here on the Front Range to take advantage of.  As the trees stand barren and the leaves have fallen, it becomes increasingly more difficult to turn to the outdoors for an afternoon of entertainment.

As we look outside, it appears as though nature has fallen asleep, not to wake for months to come, although the landscape around us is vibrant and alive.  Barr Lake State Park is humming with activity this time of year.  Just northeast of Denver in Brighton, this park is a great place for the family to visit.

On each of the three family-friendly trails is the opportunity to see such wildlife as coyote, white-tail and mule deer, fox and several species of birds.  From the song of the western meadowlark to the silence of the soaring bald eagle above, the wildlife experience at Barr Lake is endless.

The trees have worked tirelessly all summer to produce prolific buds we can see today.  The cottonwood tree gives a magnificent display of next year's flowers, shade and fall-color, all hiding under a single layer protecting the leaf bud.   And don't miss the native grasses in shades of red, green, brown and blue, shivering, as the cold wind blows through them.

For the budding nature enthusiast with the desire to know more, the Barr Lake Nature Center provides information about the area's history and displays some of the park's wildlife.  The Nature Center also offers interpretive programs and guided nature walks, simply call in advance to schedule or visit Barr Lake State Park for a listing of their upcoming events.

This time of year is great for teaching children about ice and Barr Lake gives you the opportunity to do it in person.  Show the kids how the ice knits itself together, blanketing the marine life below.

Gather the kids, bundle up and visit Barr Lake State Park for a show of wildlife that is sure to impress all.