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Escape from the cold; check out Dupage Children's Museum this winter

If you live near the Naperville area, and have small children, the Dupage Children's Museum is a place you should really check out. The Museum is located in downtown Naperville, also right across the street from the Metra station. Every year seems to get better, with new and improved exhibits, along with the old, and legendary exhibits such as the giant light bright. In the last year they have been a new exhibit, called "Monumental" where you and your kids can learn all about ancient Greece and Mayan cultures. With this exhibit there is so much you can make your own monument by coloring over rocks and stones with different designs on them. You can also dress in costumes to dress like the ancient Greeks and Mayans did. You can also build pyramids with blocks and even use iPads to color different pictures on the walk of the museum.

the museum at its finest
the museum at its finest
google images
giant light bright
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There are other exhibits as well, such as a woodworking exhibit working with real tools and build different things. As well as a giant music room where kids can make all kinds of music. As I had mentioned before they have a giant light bright with glow in the dark sticks to make many different pictures. They also have water play as working with air.

Another big thing the museum has to offer is the different events and classes. They offer Lego technology classes, as well as different art classes, and even have story and plays that even go on. On the second floor they have a stage for many different events that go on.

The Dupage Children’s Museum is the place to be if you a little kid, with so much to do. They offer memberships and if you check it out once, the price is pretty reasonable; you definitely get what you pay for. Here is the information for the museum.

301 North Washington Street
Naperville, IL, and 60540
P: 630-637-8000

If you check out the website it will tell you more about the exhibits and other things they do offer.

Some of my information came from this website, other from personal experience. If you are an adult you can also volunteer which I have done. It’s a fun place to work. On the website you can find out how.