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eSalon offers highly personalized hair color customized specifically for users

photo courtesy of eSalon, used with permission

Wouldn't it be great if your very own custom hair color is blended specifically for you and arrive at your door for a cost that's way less than what you would spend at the salon! Thanks to eSalon, it's all possible and very easy to obtain your very own custom hair color set, that's delivered to your home for less than $20!

eSalon offers highly personalized hair color customized specifically for your needs.
photo courtesy of eSalon, used with permission

eSalon delivers the shade of hair color that's custom blended specfically for you, according to your skin tone, eye color, color history, gray percentage and more. The easy-to-follow instructions are also personalized according to each person, and there's also a real-live eSalon colorist available via phone and e-mail to answer any questions and address any concerns the user may have! It's very unique, because the custom hair color isn't pre-made, and are filled one-by-one with the exact formula that suits each individuals needs. For example, two people with contrasting hair profiles may need entirely different formulas or application instructions to obtain the same desired look. This is why eSalon is different, because other at-home hair color out in the market are are pre-filled color in a box that doesn't meet everyone's needs.

eSalon's hair color is made of top quality ingredients and pigments, in order to deliver superior grey coverage, shiny and long lasting hair color. The fragrance is light and not over powering like most hair coloring products out in the market. eSalon makes hair silky, soft, smooth and also conditions the scalp which is extremely important to a healthy head of hair. Also, it's imperative to stay away from standard shampoos, because it contain harsh chemicals, such as sulfate which strips away hair's natural oils, makes hair dry, damaged and hair color fades faster.

Below are must-have color safe hair care products by eSalon to prolong your professional salon-grade hair color:

Heart Lock It Color Safe Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo suitable for daily use on color-treated hair.

Love Unconditionally Color Safe Conditioner is an ultra-moisturizing salon conditioner to prevent color-treated hair from fading

Color Kiss Temporary Root Touch Up covers roots with matching temporary hair color, for heart-fluttering perfection between hair color applications.

Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment is a professional Color Enhancing Treatment that was only available in salons. Now, users can get it at eSalon to help intensify, tone, correct and re-pigments hair.

Shining Armor contains a nourishing blend of argan oil, antioxidants, and vitamins E and F for smooth, healthy hair. It increases shine, strengthens hair and helps protect color from fading.

Perfect Ending Leave in Conditioner gets rid of tangles, frizz, and prevents breakage and makes hair incredibly shiny and smooth

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