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ESA study: More than 50% of families in the U.S. say games encourage family time

ESA releases report.
ESA releases report.
Permission to use photo given by ESA

Misconceptions about gaming are often found in people who do not play games or know what the gaming industry is, but a new study released by the ESA today reveals some interesting new facts about how American families use video games.

In a report sent to today, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) revealed that more than 50% of American families believe video games serve as a means to help their families spend time together. Additionally, 68% of parents who have children under the age of 18 think gaming helps kids with mental stimulation and education.

"Parents across America recognize the widespread benefits of video games, including education, mental stimulation, and the bonding opportunities they create for families.

"Video games are a favorite pastime enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and millions worldwide who share their game play experiences with friends and family," Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of ESA.

Other revelations that came out of the study show that 95% of parents pay attention to the type of content that is in games their kids are playing. Furthermore, 91% of parents are with their kids when the sale or renting of a game occurs.

These facts help serve as a strong contrast to the theory that parents don't care about the types of games their kids play, and while there will always be a small minority exception to that, thoughtful consideration is looking like something that is nearly always applied when a kid picks up a game.

Additional findings showed that over 181.3 million Americans play games, over 51% of U.S. households have at least one gaming console in it, the average gamer is 31 years of age and people spent more than $21 billion on game software, hardware and accessories.

It's a fine report that the ESA has released and they continue to find strong, useful ways to present facts that help dispel rumors on a number of theories that are always out there in the public. The ESA is the organization the puts together E3 every year and will once again be at the helm for E3 2014 this June.

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