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Erythritol: #6 of the best natural sugar substitutes

R. Ives

Erythritol allows for the pleasure of baking healthier sweets without the guilt.

Erythritol is a naturally-derived sugar substitute that looks and tastes very much like sugar, yet has almost no calories. It is classified as a sugar alcohol, extracted from plants or manufactured from starches. In baking, it is approximately 70 percent as sweet as table sugar.

Erythritol has been used as a sugar substitute in Japan since 1990 in candies, chocolate, yogurt, fillings, jellies, jams, and beverages. In that country, erythritol has been combined with lo han fruit to create a product called lakanto, which approximates the sweetness of sugar.

In the U.S., erythritol is marketed under the names “zSweet” and “Organic Zero.” zSweet combines erythritol and stevia, another one of the natural sugar substitutes to equal sugar’s level of sweetness. If baking with Organic Zero, you simply need to add a few drops of liquid stevia to match the sugar amount in any recipe.

Wondering where to find erythritol sweetener? At most health food stores, of course.

So whenever a recipe calls for sugar, feel free to substitute with erythritol.

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