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Erykah Badu goes to kiss PIX reporter during segment on Shia LaBeouf's arrest

Erykah Badu attempts to kiss PIX reporter
Erykah Badu attempts to kiss PIX reporter
Photo by Brad Barket

On Friday June 27, New York City PIX 11 reporter Mario Diaz was in for a surprise. He was reporting on Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf's disorderly conduct arrest during the musical Cabaret, when along came a confident Erykah Badu. The singer moved into the camera frame, opened her coat and made an obscene gesture. That was just the beginning. After that, Badu smiled widely, walked straight up to Diaz with her arms outstretched ready for some action and promptly attempted to kiss him on the cheek. Diaz was focused on reporting the news, so barely reacted except to say "excuse me."

As Diaz headed back to the PIX studio and away from the antics of prankster Badu, he said he "couldn't avoid a fan right now," which implied that he was oblivious to who the famous singer was. Boy was he in for a surprise when he logged into his Twitter account.

The singer tweeted Diaz "Sorry Mario" with a smiley face. The mystery was solved and the reporter now knew who this audacious stranger was. It wasn't a fan as the reporter initially suspected.

Badu and Diaz engaged in a playful Twitter banter after the fact, once Diaz realized who had tried to give him a smooch. He seemed to have a sense of humor about the singer's silly kissing antics. He tweeted to Badu "I just want your extra time and your... kiss," a quote from a Prince song "Kiss." He promised that he wouldn't be so shy the next time a stranger tried to plant one on him.

"Next time I won't do the NYC push back," Diaz said. He went on to remark that his wife thought Badu had "great taste."In the end the reporter seemed to be amused by Badu's spirit.

If Mario was truly creative, he could have quoted Badu's lyrics: “I want somebody to walk up behind me / And kiss me on my neck.” Apparently he didn't actually want her to do any of that.

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