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Erykah Badu discovers her African Ancestry

Erykah Badu discovers her African Ancestry
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In May 2014, African Ancestry, Inc. made a public announcement regarding the results of DNA testing of neo-soul singer Erykah Badu. The purpose of the DNA test was to determine the African ethnic group of her maternal lineage. The public became engaged in a campaign to guess the African ethnic group from which Erykah Badu hails.'s "The Roots of..." Series presented a recent episode of "The Roots of..." which features Erykah Badu discovering her African ethnicity. Past episodes feature Questlove and Black Thought from the neo-soul hip hop band The Roots, rapper Q-tip and actor Michael K. Williams from "The Wire." Each of these individuals discovered their African ethnicity through African Ancestry, Inc. with the results revealed on the show.

Badu's Connection

Badu's maternal lineage was determined to match with the people of the Bamileke ethnic group of Cameroon. The Bamileke people reside in the western highlands of Cameroon's western provence.

Celebrities Who Share Ancestry with Erykah Badu

Other notables and celebrities who have discovered ancestry among the Bamileke ethnic group of Cameroon include:

  • Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Joseph Lowery
  • Hip Hop Artist, Common
  • Talk Show Host, Oprah Winfrey
  • Actor Chris Tucker
  • Actor Vanessa A. Williams
  • Actor Don Cheadle

How Readers Can Discover DNA Lineage Testing

Readers may contact African Ancestry @ for information regarding DNA lineage testing. People of any race or ethnic group may participate in DNA lineage testing.

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