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Erotica author Carol Queen seeks help with sex book

Carol Queen, the famed sex therapist and writer, is in the final days of a campaign to help her publish a new book about sex.

See scenes of Carol Queen from the past.
See scenes of Carol Queen from the past.
Carol Queen
Carol Queen
Carol Queen

The book, “Sex Still Spoken Here” is the second anthology from the Center for Sex and Culture’s Erotic Reading Circle. Believe me, it’s a good read.

Personally, I’ve known Carol and her partner Dr. Robert Lawrence for a few decades now, and try to see them every time I’m in San Francisco. They are undyingly committed to positive looks at the expressions of sex, and are both bisexual.

“Time is growing short for the campaign, it ends the end of the day on August 1st,” says Carol. “Please pass the word and contribute if you can.”

Indiegogo allows contributors to donate even $1 if you can, and a generous anonymous donor will be matching $500 of donations.

The book is from the Erotic Reading Circle, held at San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture, where writers have gathered every week since 2006 to share stories of desire and longing in a supportive and fun community setting. In this space, writing that tangles with the joys and complexities of sex is celebrated rather than dismissed as "easy" or worthy of less respect than other genres or topics.

Carol says, “We believe that there should be more erotic writing in the world, not less, so that readers have access to a wider, more realistic, more human array of erotic expression.” Here here!

The first anthology was published in 1997 by Down There Press.

This next one includes:
• 27 writers, a conversation among the editors about the history of the Erotic Reading Circle and the use of sex-positive writing spaces for new and developed erotic writers,
• A how-to guide for those who want to bring an Erotic Reading Circle to their own communities
• Contributors such as Sinclair Sexsmith, horehound stillpoint, Seeley Quest, Simone Corday, Jeff Jacobson, Avery Cassell, Dorothy Freed, Scott Bentley, C.J. Schneider, Anáin Bjorquist, Christine Solano, Lilycat, Jack Fritscher, Norman Armstrong, Holly Zwalf and more!
• Editors are Dr. Carol Queen (Erotic Reading Circle co-facilitator and founder of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco), Jen Cross (Erotic Reading Circle co-facilitator and founder of Writing Ourselves Whole in Oakland) and Amy Butcher (Erotic Reading Circle participant and author of Paws for Consideration).

Donations are tax deductible and authors are going to be paid first.

Read Carol’s early experiences with Good Vibrations:

Save the Date for the book launch on Sept. 24!

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