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Ernie Konnyu silent after anti-gay Facebook rant harms Ro Khanna

Ernie Konnyu, the former California Republican Congressman who represented Silicon Valley's 12th congressional district, and the California Assembly's 22nd District, has went silent and reportedly into hiding after an anti-gay Facebook rant he wrote got a lot of media attention, harming Ro Khanna's bid to unseat seven-time U.S. Congressman Mike Honda.

According to, Mr. Konnyu so hated Mike Honda that he inserted himself into Ro Khanna's current 2014 congressional campaign for Honda's seat, and worked to get the California Tea Party involved in helping the rookie politico Khanna best the legendary Honda. This was all for the good (and Khanna never told him to back off) until Mr. Konnyu let homophobic tendencies get the best of him, and so, on Friday, August 8th, took to his Facebook account and for the purpose of blasting the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC. (The Facebook entry has since been deleted.)

The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC elected to throw its weight behind Campbell Mayor Evan Low in the California State Assembly race against former Saratoga mayor Chuck Page. That seemingly simple action made Konnyu see red, and he let his true feelings and colors be known in this epic Facebook meltdown:

“Sick that a business group endorses a liberal so left that he wants to change the law to allow blood donations by gays. This, even though the current law forbids it since such blood has a risk of transferring the deadly AIDS virus. Yes! Gay pride is worth more with Evan Low than our citizens’ lives.”

Since the blast hit the blogs, Ernie Konnyu has made no other statement, not even one of apology, and the Khanna campaign has kept its collective mouth closed. One would think Ro Khanna had enough concern for whether he would be seen as attached to that thought by issuing a statement separating himself from Mr. Konnyu, but he's not done that to the date of this writing.

Stay tuned.

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