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Erin Toll's attorney wants to get her back on the job as soon as possible

Evergreen attorney Bill Finger says his goal is to get Colorado’s embattled real estate division Director Erin Toll back to work as soon as possible.

“We want to get her back to what she does very well,” Finger said in an interview with “She has done a great job for the state and the state should have such dedicated people working for it.”

Toll hired Finger, whose practice includes personnel work for public and private employees, after she took a “sudden” leave from her position as Director of the Colorado Division of Insurance.

That move followed her comment to The Denver Post that Colorado Sen. Ted Harvey was under investigation by her division. A day after her comment, the Division of Regulatory Agencies issued a statement retracting her comment.

The dust-up seems to be part of a battle between Toll and Harvey, at least in part over a proposal for a board to oversee real estate enforcement that would limit Toll's power.

Finger said it is unlikely that Toll will be fired by the state.

“My experience is that people in such high ranking positions rarely get fired,” Finger said.


  • northglenn 5 years ago

    she doesn't need to be fired, she needs to be run out of town.

    "we want to get her back to what she does well"

    what she does well is harassment, false statements, and threats. the only thing she's dedicated to is her own self promotion. how come there are no statements as to why she is on a forced leave, and if she did nothing wrong why does she need a high priced attorney.........get rid of her now

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