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Erin Corwin's body was hidden in mine shaft

Erin Corwin was murdered and hidden in mine shaft
Erin Corwin was murdered and hidden in mine shaft
Corwin family provided for media use

The body of missing woman Erin Corwin has been recovered as of Monday, and this report shares some of the heartbreaking details. The missing military wife was found hidden in a 140 ft mine shaft right within the Joshua Tree National Park -- an area that has been searched for several weeks for the missing woman. That's not the only big update in this case: The so called lover of the missing woman has been arrested in Anchorage, Alaska on a federal warrant (can you guess what the warrant is?).

Law enforcement officers are not yet speaking on this case, but it has been confirmed that the search for the pregnant woman is now over. Erin Corwin vanished on June 28 after she reportedly left her home on the Twentynine Palms military base to go "scouting locations for a picnic." Over the course of the search for her, it was revealed that she was actually rendezvousing with a man named Christopher Brandon Lee -- a neighbor on the military base who was also married. Just before she vanished she found out that she was pregnant. These details leave the public with a lot to speculate on, as far as why Erin was killed and hidden.

Of course Christopher Brandon Lee was also arrested a handful of weeks ago after police found a "destructive device" in the possession of the man after searching his home during the investigation before Erin's body was found. The reported "heavily decorated rifleman" became the focus of suspicion in this case very early on, so it's truly not surprising that he was arrested -- especially after he and his wife were heard making comments about Erin "never being found." If they truly believed that statement, they must surely have egg on their faces now that the missing woman has indeed been found and recovered. Here's to hoping justice is served for Erin Corwin.