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Erin Corwin's alleged killer researched how to dispose of bodies

Christopher Lee is accused of killing Erin Corwin
Christopher Lee is accused of killing Erin Corwin
Courtesy of San Bernardino Co. Sheriff's Dept.

New developments in the Erin Corwin case indicate that her murder may have been premeditated. This Wednesday morning news report shares that Christopher Lee -- the man accused of killing the pregnant woman -- admitted to researching the disposal of human remains on the internet. This information was released in court paperwork that was filed on Tuesday, and it's not even the only new update in the case. This news report reveals that the 24-year-old suspect is fighting extradition from Anchorage, Alaska back to California where the murder took place. It's not like he's going to be released up in Anchorage, anyway, since his bail was set at $2 Million.

Since Christopher Lee is fighting extradition, it will be left up to the Governor of California to request the Governor of Alaska to force extradition -- which isn't out of the question, since the disappearance and death of Erin Corwin has been a high profile case since she vanished from her Twentynine Palms home over two months ago. Lee, a former Marine, was a neighbor at the Twentynine Palms base where Erin and her husband also lived. The two of them reportedly had an affair -- which may have led to her pregnancy, which also may have been the catalyst in this case.

There are a lot of details in this case that seem to indicate that Erin was killed to keep her murderer's current marriage intact. He was married at the time of their affair, and it's been reported that his wife made comments that Erin's body would never be found (even though it didn't take longer than another month for her to actually be found). If there was any level of premeditation in this case -- and it already seems like there was, judging by his internet research -- then will the death penalty be put on the table?