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Erin Corwin missing: Neighbor's wife allegedly says body will never be found

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The investigation into the disappearance of Erin Corwin has taken a turn that could possibly lead to finding her or, at the very least, discovering where she might be if she is still alive or recovering the remains if she has died or been killed. But if the chilling words of the neighbor's wife -- that neighbor, Christopher Lee, who allegedly has been having an affair with Corwin -- are accurate and their meaning true, finding out what happened may be a little simpler than actually recovering a body.

ABC News reported July 24 that the circumstantial evidence and witness testimony evidence seems to be piling up against Erin and Jonathan Corwin's neighbor, Christopher Lee. Being circumstantial, there may be no guilt involved. But several odd coincidences and circumstances point to Lee's possible involvement in Corwin's disappearance in late June. So much so that the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department was able to get a search warrant for two houses and several vehicles.

A close friend of Erin Corwin's, from back in her home state of Tennessee, told investigators that the Marine's pregnant wife just might be pregnant with Lee's child -- not her husband's. And then there was the statement Lee first gave police, telling them he barely knew Erin, his neighbor, only to change his story later to having kissed her (but denying they had ever had sex).

The Desert Sun first revealed the search warrant filed by the Sheriff's Department, wherein several details, if not condemning, certainly do not paint a favorable portrait of Christopher Lee. Like his story that he went hunting in Joshua Tree National Park on the day Erin Corwin went missing, saying he had not seen her that day. But the girlfriend in Tennesse maintained that Erin was excited the day before because she was supposed to have a "special day" with Lee to celebrate the pregnancy, which, she had also confided, had Lee worried because he feared if his wife found out, she would want a divorce and perhaps even try to keep him from the child he had with her.

And then there is the witness in the Probable Cause statement in the search warrant that told authorities that the wife had told them that "detectives would never find her body."

The witness interviewed by deputies was Isabel Megli, owner of the White Rock Horse Rescue Ranch in Yucca Valley, where both Lee and Corwin own horses. However, she had no inkling of an affair between the two, she said.

Per the warrant, "Nicole told Isabella that without a body the detectives did not have a case against them and the detectives would never find the body."

Megli also said that Nicole Lee scolded her husand for not being "able to keep his lies straight when he was interviewed by detectives."


There are also the reports that the Lees have been packing to leave, said packing started only after the disappearance of Erin Corwin.

Things are not looking too good for the former and honorably discharged 24-year-old Marine -- at home with his wife or with authorities in San Bernardino County.

At present, Erin Corwin remains missing. She disappeared after leaving home on June 28, telling her husband, Jonathan, that she was scouting out places for her and her mother, who would soon visit from Tennessee, to go. When she did not return home, Corwin, a 20-year-old Lance Corporal stationed at nearby Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base, called police and filed a missing persons report a little over 24 hours later. Erin Corwin's vehicle was found the next day, abandoned. She has not been seen since.