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Erin Andrews right for ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Brooke Burke-Charvet weighs in

Does Erin Andrews fit on Dancing With the Stars?
Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Did Erin Andrews fit on “Dancing With the Stars”? The season is over and now the show is being dissected as the new elements of the show are being discussed in public. One big element getting a very critical eye is the new co-host of the reality talk show. According to Wetpaint on Wednesday, Brooke Burke-Charvet is suggesting that Erin Andrews doesn't fit with the show.

As fans know, Brooke Burke-Charvet has been supportive since Erin Andrews took her job. The star wished the co-host luck at the beginning of the season and she hasn't suggested anything negative about her replacement. That is until now and even Brooke’s remarks aren't critical, but more of an objective opinion. According to She Knows on Wednesday, the star simply remarked that Erin might be the wrong host for the gig.

While some fans could suggest that Brooke Burke-Charvet has some personal agenda, there is some agreement of Erin Andrews’ performance on the reality show. She seemed to offend some of the stars by random questionable comments, most of the shows revealed that her timing was off on live TV and she offered little to the show when it came to banter. More importantly she was overshadowed by Tom Bergeron, which is odd as even Brooke Burke-Charvet seemed to escape his shadow.

Now with Brooke Burke-Charvet’s comments capturing the social media and blog world, people have to agree this wasn't the perfect fit. It wasn't the worst hosting either, but there might be a better person to have in front of the camera.

Will Erin Andrews return to “Dancing With the Stars” next season? Fans don’t know and neither does Brooke Burke-Charvet. It might be a good idea for the executives of the show to find someone who is more interested in dancing and willing to be involved with the contestants instead of just interviewing them like it is a job.

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