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The guitarist for Erimha, Kthien, came straight from their set to the interview, in full costume and make-up. Kthien was hot and tired and by my making him think about what day they were on the true was serious, but his response was comical, “I have no idea. I don’t even know what day of the week it is. All I know is that we are in Oklahoma City. I believe this would be day 25, because we have 26 days on the tour and we have one show left.” Erimha has 39 shows scheduled October and November, which will be a full US Tour and a few dates in Canada. The dates will be posted on the Erimha website when they become available. Playing out in the in make-up and costume must be hard, but, Kthien sees it differently,“It’s not so bad, the Winter is the worst. You put your clothes into the trailer wet and when you pull them out you have popsicles. It’s like make-up doesn’t let your body breathe. In the summer it’s just hard to breathe, but it’s heat and what are you supposed to do about it?” The only Sponsors that the band has is a personal endorsement that Kthien has with Kramer Guitars, “Other than that, Victory Records takes good care of us.” “Kramer gave me the new Kramer Assault Plus for this tour. It is by far the best guitar on the market and I’m not just saying that since I am endorsed by Kramer Guitars.” Kthien uses a Intune .88 pick. “What’s neat about Intune is that they make the perfect pick. It is in between the large Dunlap and the Jazz 3. They aren’t to big and they aren’t too small. Very rarely does he change a pick, “Once I find one that I like, very rarely do I change. That’s why I like the .88, it’s hard enough to play the fast riffs, but swoop enough to play the chords and it doesn’t feel like you are playing with a brick.” Since they had to have another guitarist fill in for the Mayhem Tour, they stayed with the same three songs for the entire tour, otherwise they try to mix things up a bit. “That’s why we work a little harder, so that when we go out on tour we can switch things up a bit.” As a Victory Records band I asked how they like Victory Records, “Great, we love it. A lot of people ask how a band like us got with Victory Records, but we are a very hard working band like a lot of other underground bands and when Victory came about and we saw how hard their entire team works and it was a perfect fit for us all. Things have been going really good for us.” Where’s home for you? “Everywhere. We’re so not attached, don’t get me wrong, we’re attached to our family. That’s just the way we live our lives on the road. We live off of the strict minimum and blocking everything else out. We miss our people, but to say we miss home, NO.” The band takes care of their own Sociial Media.
Leather King~Bass and backing vocals

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