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Erik William Shelley's Update on Baxter Jone's Negotiation with Michigan Storage

Erik William Shelley's update on local Detroiter, and evicted homeowner, Baxter Jones's negotiation with Michigan Storage

Proposed doubled rent increase by Michigan Storage is met with community protest..
Photograph courtesy of Erik William Shelley.

Michigan Storage
15300 W 8 Mile Rd
Oak Park, Michigan 48237-3049

Phone (248) 968-2088

Baxter Jone's was evicted from his home in August of this year. A few months after moving his belongings from the property to Michigan Storage he was notified of huge impending increase on his storage units. Please click on the featured video to the left of the article that documents the day of his eviction.

The following is the Facebook Event that was created to protest proposed increases by Michigan Storage. The original protest took place on November 25th, Stop Michigan Storage from bullying Baxter Jones" Public · By Erik William Shelley

"After Baxter lost his house to foreclosure, he moved all of his belongings to storage containers at Michigan Storage in Oak Park. Now that he's spent hundreds of dollars just moving the units into place, the facility has decided to nearly DOUBLE the rent. Join us as we stand up to this bully Monday! Let Michigan Storage know they can't push Baxter Jones around."

The following is the letter that was delivered to Michigan Storage during the original protest on November 25th. It was posted on the Facebook Event Page, "Stop Michigan Storage from bullying Baxter Jones" Public · By Erik William Shelley

"The letter we will deliver today.

November 25th, 2013
District Manager
Michigan Storage
15300 8 Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

As you are aware, the rent for the spaces where I am keeping my storage containers is set to increase in December from $385/month to $680/month. While a rate increase due to inflation may be understandable, an increase of 79% is completely out of line. In fact, I have had friends call Michigan Storage to inquire as to the cost of renting the exact size spaces I am renting and they were quoted the lower, original cost, which leads me to believe I am being discriminated against for reasons I do not understand.

I have already filed a formal complaint with the Michigan State Attorney General. While I have a month to month lease with you, it is still my understanding that this sudden and inexplicable rate increase constitutes five separate violations of the state's Consumer Protection Act. I do not wish to waste any more time in court than I already have fighting the foreclosure that ultimately landed my belongings at your facility. I just want to be treated fairly.

I hope that we can resolve this matter amicably today. As such, I request that this rate increase be rescinded immediately so that no further action should become necessary and that I may continue to be one of your many valued customers.

Thank you.
S. Baxter Jones "- from Facebook Event Page

The outcome between the local protest of Michigan Storage by Baxter Jones and supporters; the following results were obtained in a meeting that took place on November 29th with the representatives of the company.

Posted by Erik William Shelley on the Facebook Event page :

"Michigan Storage showed up and met with our delegation. Here's what we negotiated:
1) The two containers that had been there the longest had their price increase $20/month each instead of $50.
2) The other four containers had no price increase.
3) There will be no price increases for at least six months.
4) Any future price increases are capped at 15%." -

It would appear that Baxter Jones has left his mark and won his battle against the original proposed increase that doubled the storage fees. The fee's increase was to take place this month. Please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words for additional information.

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