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Erik Rush & Jim Garrow call for executions of elected officials (again)

Jim Garrow
Jim Garrow
InfoWars / Youtube

Another day, another squealing temper tantrum by Erik Rush and Jim Garrow over the fact that America isn't a dictatorship in which they can order anyone who dares to question them be murdered.

On Rush's radio show this week, he and his boyfriend once again renewed their call, not just for a violent revolution, but for President Obama, the members of his administration, various members of Congress, and anyone in the media that has been critical of their laughably unrealistic conspiracy theories to be put to death.

Garrow specifically called out by name the entire writing team of Right Wing Watch, a website that, much like the National Political Rebuttal Column, specifically suffices to call attention to, and ridicule, the most psychotic of the far-right.

"They sold us out for the mess of pottage and the twenty-one pieces of silver and in the end we should be able to hang them," said Garrow said. "I say that for Right Wing Watch, because they’re going to now say that we’re asking that we now hang the people who are our representatives in the House and the Senate. Well, yeah! There should be some way for us to pay them back for treason."

RRW, needless to say, has already covered Garrow's remarks (apparently they thought they were cute).

Rush, who has called multiple times for his critics to be executed, obviously agreed, specifically suggesting that they be killed by firing squad.

Garrow disagreed, but only so far as he believed they deserved to be hanged, after which he took the time to promote his earlier conspiracy theories that Obamacare would lead to Sharia law and executions by the guillotine, assuming he didn't succeed in wiping out the entire population with a nuclear EMP attack first.

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