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Erik Rush: Founders would kill "the radicals in our government"

Erik Rush
Erik Rush
Fox News

On March 20, 2014, Erik Rush's screaming temper tantrum over the lack of right-wing murderous tyrants in the White House continued on its projected course.

Rush has frequently called for President Obama's entire administration to be murdered, as well as for everyone who does not also call for such to be executed as traitors. Now he insists that Founding Fathers would want them all murdered too.

Like many disgusted (and some horrified) Americans who have recently become politically engaged, the specter of the conspiracies that exist, and the true extent to which our political leaders have been corrupted, may be more than the aforementioned 20-somethings can process just yet. The distance between gauging President Obama as a failure versus a calculating, treasonous international criminal with the agenda of rivaling history’s most notorious tyrants is pretty vast.

Then there's the cabal of progressive, elitist Republicans who've managed to pass themselves off as conservatives for so long that even many conservatives think they’re conservatives. They and the radicals in our government are merrily shepherding us toward oligarchical collectivism, all in plain sight. America's founders would burn them in a pile, as I’ve become fond of saying, only stopping short of asserting that’s what we ought to do with them.

All of these machinations conspire to confuse even the astute – and most American voters are not that astute at present.

Yet this does not mean that all is lost – otherwise I'd probably be living in a fortified compound someplace right about now. The efforts being made by the political left – whether it be venomous so-called correspondents on MSNBC, the Obama administration mobilizing federal agencies to target patriot groups, or the overall efforts to marginalize and discredit conservatives and libertarians on numerous fronts – are indicative of their fear.

No matter how Rush phrases it, however, he will never be able to disguise his childish desire to brutally murder anyone who dares to question him as being even remotely pro-democracy.

Erik Rush always has been, and always will be, nothing more than a spoiled child.

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