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Erik Rush: Americans must "go to any length" to stop "evil" Obama

Erik Rush
Erik Rush
Fox News

Erik Rush is rapidly eroding his status as one of America's leading looney conspiracy theorists, having subcontracted the generation of absolutely bat-crap crazy conspiracy theories to Jim Garrow so he can devote himself to throwing an extended temper tantrum over the fact that America isn't more like North Korea and that he can't just murder anyone who disagrees with him.

Erik Rush made the call again this week, calling on "the American people to go to any length" to stop the Obama administration's "designs to subjugate us" with its "statist agenda."

"At this point, the liberties government has taken (pun intended) with regard to usurping our liberty are innumerable," he wrote, "and no half-hearted political solution will address their transgressions or this retrogression from governance to rule.

"While this administration definitely represents a clear and present danger to our liberties, the Constitution and the continuance of this nation as a going concern, it is really just an acute symptom of a progressive disease that has gone untreated for far too long. Those who govern us are evil and audacious; their rhetoric and that of their supporters reflects a desperation beyond urgency. The criminals in government are aware of their crimes and are banking on Americans’ desire for relative safety and comfort outweighing our desire for liberty."

Once again, this is coming from the man who has repeatedly called, not only for a democratically elected president to be violently overthrown, but for officials and journalists who have not also called for revolution to be executed as traitors.

Erik Rush calling someone a tyrant would be like Shane MacGowan complaining that someone drinks too much.

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