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Erik Rush accuses Obama of murdering his critics

Erik Rush (the most willfully psychotic man on the planet)
Erik Rush (the most willfully psychotic man on the planet)
Fox News

In a February 13th, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily, Erik Rush once again accuses President Obama of murdering his opponents as part of his plan to create a Nazi/Communist/Islamist government.

"In addition to the parties targeted for bureaucratic harassment, patriot groups themselves have been infiltrated and sabotaged. Individuals have had their websites hacked, been harassed by law enforcement and federal agencies, illegally searched and their property seized, had their vehicles tampered with and property destroyed. They’ve endured illegal electronic surveillance, stalking and had false criminal complaints filed against them," he writes. "It has also been widely hypothesized that journalists and government officials who have died under truly bizarre and unlikely circumstances were in fact murdered.

"At the same time, there have been revelations of this administration’s involvement in terrorist conspiracies and international crimes, some of which have their roots in Hitler’s Germany, wealth stolen by the Nazis during World War II and the long-held anti-Semitism of Islamists who actually worked with Hitler, as well as their protégés who are active today in international politics, government and finance.

"This is all to say nothing of the numerous domestic scandals, unconstitutional actions and treason in which this president and his collaborators have been involved to date."

Rush admits that he has no evidence whatsoever that such is happening, but evidently believes his perverted desire to believe such a thing is all that matters.

Which, given that Rush once insisted asking for proof is "a liberal ruse", is hardly surprising.

"Those who are reporting the facts (not 'conspiracy theories,' but facts) of these matters have been dubbed paranoid fringe elements by the left – so why are these precisely the people who are being so vigorously – and might I add, illegally – targeted by the current administration and its minions?" he asks.

"I'll tell you why – because they are dead-on correct. Citizen journalists, retired military officers and patriotic intelligence community assets have the facts, know full well what this administration is up to and that left unchecked, it will not end well. The plans of this regime are so malevolent that most Americans in their comfort and distraction cannot even conceptualize what lies ahead."

At this point, a few points desperately need to be made:

  1. Taking the time to insist that you are definitely not peddling conspiracy theories is always going to have the opposite effect.
  2. Saying that you have the facts does not magically cause you to have the facts.
  3. Saying that something is illegal does not magically cause it to become illegal.
  4. Saying that something is malevolent does not magically cause it to become malevolent.
  5. What Erik Rush is suggesting is that, without any evidence (or even facts) whatsoever to support his point, President Obama, his entire cabinet, and anyone who has ever been supportive of (or even indifferent to) him should be violently overthrown and executed just because there is a possibility that they could have malicious intent.

And that, Mr. Rush, is precisely how the Soviet Union operated. Not that we weren't aware of how much you hate democracy already.

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