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Erick Erickson accuses journalists of wanting to sleep with Obama

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In a February 12th, 2014 column simply titled "Impeach the President", Erick Erickson once again threw what can only be described as a screaming temper tantrum, this time accusing journalists of getting "erections for everything Barack Obama does."

"You guys in the press who are reading this right now can be such shameless whores," he writes. "I generally try to hold to the standard these days that if I wouldn't be outraged by George Chimpy McBushitler Halliburton and Darth Cheney doing something, I shouldn't be outraged by President Obama. And if I'd be outraged by Bush, I should be outraged by Obama.

"But you journalists have such erections for everything Barack Obama does, you can't even summon outrage to report fairly on the latest b.s. from the administration over Obamacare. Is it any wonder so many people have stopped trusting you?"

Erickson has a fairly extensive history of throwing temper tantrums, such as denouncing the "intolerance" of religious intolerance and responding to a proposed gun law by implying that Christians are crazy.

This, however, is a new low even for Erickson, consisting of no actual insights or commentary and instead offering nothing but low-IQ sexism and homophobia.

"You'd rather have cocktails (pun absolutely intended for a good portion of you "journalists") with the President, jealously size up the competition in the First Lady, and wish you too could be a mistress when you see France's President and whoever the gal of the week is for him," he insists.

"If this was George Bush telling businesses they cannot take advantage of an arguable unconstitutional restricting of law done without Congress's consent unless the businesses swore oaths that they'd lie if they need to downsize due to Obamacare costs, the media would start talking about impeaching the President in non-ironic ways.

"But with President Obama, half of MSNBC still wants to have his baby and the women over there just want to be his mistress. Hell, France's President has one.

"No, we don't need to impeach the President, but God help me I'd at least think the media might want to pretend to hold him accountable. It really is disgraceful."

After which, based on his tone, Erickson presumably screamed and threw things until an adult threatened to take away his XBox.



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