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Erica & T.K.'s birthday show-down at The Trunk Space 6/2/10


The Hunger Artists
and Erica Shafer
Dave Driscoll

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On Wednesday, June 2nd, The Trunk Space will be hosting Erica and T.K.’s birthday showdown. The Trunk Space event page encourages all to come: “were you born @ some point? Well make this your BDay show too! Hug Rule Will Be In Effect!”

T.K. Campo, bassist of The Hunger Artists, provided me with the following band information:
DJ OneBoyCircus is the alias of Liam Murtagh, owner of Sweets’n’Beats, a candy/record store located between The Bikini Lounge and The Trunk Space on Grand Avenue. He was a member of The Dietrichs, and currently plays in Liam and the Ladies and Vigils. He plays ska, punk, and new wave in his DJ sets.

Hello the Mind Control is a Mesa indie pop band that recently recorded an album with Jalipaz at Audioconfusion.  Hello the Mind Control will be kicking off their West Coast tour with Stellaluna July 12th.

Skinwalkers are a gritty two-piece rock band that played their last formal show at The Trunk Space in March. This may end up being a solo show, but is a great opportunity to see them before the guitarist moves to San Francisco.

The Hunger Artists are “in the vein of a lot of the Folk-Punk going around, Andrew Jackson Jihad on a local basis, maybe even Ghost Mice or The Mountain Goats for a bigger reference, but maybe a little more expansive on the lyrics focus and basis. The band has gone through quite a couple line-up changes, but we're pretty settled now and we've also been working on a full-length release.”

Dave Driscoll is the keyboardist of The Cullens, a local band that mocks The Twilight Saga with song titles like "Hey Bella I Like You in Your Panties" and "I Love Watching You Sleep". The Dave Driscoll Dance Machine played the first day of The Real Coachella in Tucson this year. “There will be a lot of dancing around in tight skin suits”.

Andrew Jemsek, penname Andrew Jemsek Jihad, has been in numerous local bands including Father’s Day and Haunted Cologne. His solo show includes stand-up comedy.

Erica Shafer (the other half of the birthday extravaganza) and her friend Kassi will be playing together as Erica Kick-ass and the Sassi Kassi Experiment. They are both recent graduates from Tempe’s New School for the Arts & Academics. Erica previously played in a couple jazz groups and the bluegrass band, The Do-It Upright Initiative.

John Waters, not to be confused with the eccentric director of Pink Flamingos, is the alias of Eli Kluger. Eli has taped live footage and has made music videos for local bands. Lately, he has also been doing stand up comedy.

There will also be vegan and non-vegan birthday cake.

The show starts at 7:30 P.M. at The Trunk Space.
1506 NW Grand Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85007

A price hasn't been set yet, but it will be around $6 and all proceeds will go to The Trunk Space and Sweets'n'Beats. What's not to love about a cheap show, a good cause, great music, and cake?