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Erica Mena slams fellow VH1 star Sundy Carter via Twitter

Erica Mena goes off on Sundy Carter via Twitter.
Erica Mena goes off on Sundy Carter via Twitter.
Erica Mena/Twitter

Erica Mena of "Love & Hip Hop" is obviously a fan of fellow VH1 reality TV series "Basketball Wives LA." It's pretty clear that she is not a fan of Sundy Carter though. The "Love & Hip Hop" star took to Twitter on Tuesday to air her disgust at the things Sundy said and did this season on "Basketball Wives LA."

Although not confirmed, we're going to speculate that Erica Mena watched the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion show on DVR Tuesday morning. This is due to the fact that within minutes, Mena tweeted several times regarding the show and specifically regarding Sundy Carter. Erica talked about what is okay and what is not when fighting with co-stars on a reality TV series. She would know too because she's had her own fair share of drama.

Sundy Carter was in the center of a lot of self made drama on season 3 of "Basketball Wives LA." She started off the season fighting with Brandi after she asked Sundy what the deal was with Sundy's daughter. She didn't appreciate the fact that Brandi even asked about rumors that Sundy posted a very lewd picture of her own daughter on Twitter and carried that grudge right on through to the last episode.

In the season finale, you see an epic catfight that starts with Sundy calling Brandi stupid. Of course Brandi lashed back and reminded Sundy that she is known because she has a child with a married NBA player. Sundy then fought back by making fun of Brandi's battle with ovarian cancer and troubles getting pregnant.

Sundy also went right in on Draya, constantly bringing up her stripper past. It got so bad with Draya that when they were arguing, Sundy started talking badly about her parenting skills and making fun of her son. That is obviously drawing the line and it ended in Sundy receiving a black eye.

Erica talked about these events on Twitter saying, "Defend you at all times always. I live that move. But you are nobody no matter who you are to cut throat with a child or health issue." That wasn't all though. In a very short time, Mena tweeted eight times about the "BBWLA" reunion show directly with a few other tweets that were indirectly talking about the events also.

In the end, Mena send her plea to both show creator Shaunie O'Neal and VH1 to please get rid of Sundy Carter. She said:

You can't EVER respect a thing that would violate they own child. @VH1 @ShaunieONeal Please never give that thing a check again

I hope the one good eye @SUNDYCARTER has left helps her to see how weak and disgusting she is. It's Never too late to wash away your filth

To sum it all up, you could say that Erica Mena is Team Draya. Being a reality TV star herself, she makes it clear that there is a line that you do not cross no matter how desperate you are for ratings. What do you think of Erica Mena going all in on Sundy Carter via Twitter?

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