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Erica Mena sex tape rumors: Is there really a tape?

Erica Mena denies rumors of a leaked sex tape.
Erica Mena denies rumors of a leaked sex tape.
Photo by Brian Ach

News broke earlier this week of another "Love & Hip Hop" sex tape scandal. Allegedly Erica Mena from the New York edition of "LAHH" had leaked a super steamy solo tape but Mena says that just isn't true. According to a Thursday report by Enstarz, the reality TV star is denying any leaked tape or involvement with Vivid Entertainment.

Erica took to Twitter briefly to denounce the tape. When one of her fans asked about the reality of it all, she responded by kind of denying it all. She was asked to verify if the rumor was true or not and rather than say yes or no, she said "Why? Let fools believe the bull****." That was kind of a vague answer so don't be surprised if the tape pops up at some point.

It's unclear how the rumor about a leaked Erica Mena sex tape came about. There was allegedly a tape obtained by Vivid that featured Erica Mena by herself. Steve Hirsch from Vivid was even quoted saying, "We would love to talk to Erica. We are always looking for hot new celebs and Erica would fit in perfectly." Now that doesn't sound like a confirmation. It is likely that he made that statement and someone assumed they were already talking.

Now Erica Mena is known for doing some self promotions but does she really want to jump into the sex tape ring? Fans know that these tapes aren't "leaked" as often as they would like us to believe. Unless they are the ones doing the leaking of course. In any case, it's a safe bet that fans of "Love & Hip Hop" would rather see an Erica Mena and Cyn Santana sex tape over a solo performance.

What do you think of the Erica Mena sex tape rumors? Do you think it's out there or just another internet rumor? Erica herself denies it but not too hotly. Let us know what you think in the comments below.