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Erica and Tina Campbell show the reality TV gospel according to 'Mary Mary'

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell
Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell
WE tv

The Grammy-winning gospel duo Mary Mary (the stage name of sisters Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell) joined the ranks of celebrities who star in a reality show, with the launch of "Mary Mary" on WE tv in March 2012. A few days before the series premiere, a sneak preview screening was held for the media in New York City. Here is what Mary Mary said in the Q&A after the screening.

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell at the "Mary Mary" premiere screening in New York City, on March 27, 2012
Carla Hay

How does it feel to have your own reality show and to see it with this audience?

Erica Campbell: I’m kind of overwhelmed and speechless today. This has been a long journey from our first meeting with [“Mary Mary” executive producer] Tara Long and our partnership with eOne and Mitchell [Solarek], our manager. It’s been an awesome journey up until this point. I can’t help but think of being a little girl who sang in the church. This is amazing, so unbelievable.

Tina Campbell: Somebody tape this! We’re going to put this in the next episode. I’m not going to cry as much as Erica. She’s a little bit of a crybaby. This is just amazing. Who would have thought, growing up, that our lives would be interesting enough for someone to watch us being us, because that’s all we’re doing.

We’re just being who we are from the stage. That’s us, at home, being Mommy Mommy and Wifey Wifey or Sister Sister or Daughter Daughter. That’s all of who we are. Who would’ve thought it would be interesting enough for people to just want to watch and enjoy? That means something to me, and I am so grateful to God for giving us something for people to watch and be inspired by.

We don’t have the perfect life. Everything is not just always wonderful. That’s just not realistic. We have our fair share of conflict, but we are committed to resolving whatever conflict we have. This is my sister. We will always have a good family relationship, because ain’t no body missing the family reunions. We can’t have that. So the group has to work or it’s going to mess up the family functions.

Erica Campbell: We’re all about being a healthy family, being committed to what we do, doing it as best as we can. We don’t always get it right. We’ll be the first to tell you that. We’re not about hiding behind a façade of, “Oh, we’re Christian artists.” I think that resonates with people more than trying to pretend that you have it all together. It is life as we know it.

We are grateful for the opportunity for hopefully our lives to inspire some other people. Maybe women will be a little bit more submissive to their husbands. Maybe sisters will forgive each other who’ve had crazy arguments and maybe some people will realize the importance of family. That’s what most important. It would be a crime for us to go out and sit here with all of you and smile, and then my kids and my sisters and my mom and my dad don’t know how important they are to us and how much I love them.

For more info: "Mary Mary" website


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