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Eric Wargotz joins organization to implement United Nations Agenda 21 sustainable development


  • Savant Noir 5 years ago

    Great article! And as we read this the Senate is taking under consideration the Wildlands Corridor Conservation Act which if passed just adds yet another insidious dimension to what you are portraying here.

    Thank you for the heads up in regards to Eric, but people should be forewarned that BOTH the RNC and DNC are colluding to foist A21 upon us. This is why that despite their HUGE meeting held May 3rd-14th in NYC for purposes of discussing "The 4th Implementation Cycle", not one word was uttered to the public. Present were 2,146 NGOs and the 179 signatory nations. (the U.S. is of course among them). This event made the G20 summit look like a little social gathering at Grandma's house...yet not a peep on the News.

  • Chance 5 years ago

    Look up Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 and Rex 84

    This is real. It also calls for worldwide de-population down to as little as 500,000 million people. (Hence death panels in hc bill. )They are using the environmental causes to push this agenda.

    Evil, pure evil is going on.

  • Mamasan 5 years ago

    I am still wrapping my fingers around this! As Chance put it, pure evil! Is Wargotz a Democratic plant with the motivation to make the Republican Candidates spend $? Why does Wargotz keep calling himself a conservative? I guess he has succumbed to the culture of the folks he has embedded himself with...he certainly is confused as to what he wants to be which tells me to cast my vote elsewhere...

  • Gladys 5 years ago

    Wargotz is one of two very good Conservative candidates in this race. I live in the same county. He doesn't support any such thng. So as a Commissioner he signs as energy-saving resolution with his 4 dem colleagues to save tax-payer dollars through energy efficiency - no big deal - just watching out for us. Love how some of you like to try to twist his record and the facts. He has signed and pledged AFP (Americans For Prosperity) anti-cap and trade petition and others. Try telling the whole story. Including disclosing your affiliation with a different primary candidate. I think that is fair and reasonable so that your audience does understand your biased point of view against Dr. Wargotz.

  • Mama Patriot 5 years ago

    Thank you for bringing this information to light. I always wondered what smart growth actually meant. Your well researched article will help the voters of Maryland make an informed choice about who the best candidate is for the Republican nomination for US Senate. I'll choose the true conservative choice. Keep up the good work, Scott.

  • BillC 5 years ago

    First off, there is nothing binding about this resolution. Dr. Wargotz signed this in an effort to reduce costs to the citizens of QAC. He has proven time and time again that he is a fiscal conservative....eliminated 'middle management', reduced the size of government, cut taxes, cut QAC's budget by $11.5 million.
    Yes, he did increase the recordation fee (one of the lowest in the state) by 50% but that only affects new property transfers and was implemented to fund a new courthouse replacing the oldest operating courthouse in the state.
    QAC is one of the only counties in MD to close its books on 2009 IN THE BLACK!!
    A job well done Dr. Wargotz. Sir, you have earned my vote.

  • Alberto Halphen 5 years ago

    I am currently running for the Maryland House of Delegates, District 11. When I heard about this, I was dismayed, so I decided to talk to Eric Wargotz directly and ask him about his stance. He stated to me that he is NOT a member of ICLEI and DOES NOT support UN's proposition 21. If you want, you can call him or write to him directly. His website is My campaign website is and needless to say, I do not support this organization nor Prop. 21.

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