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Eric Himan tours with Ani DiFranco whilst making a statement of equality

As previously reported, Eric Himan released a single titled "Not Going Anywhere Tonight" in response to anti-gay bill SB 1062 in Arizona. One hundred percent of the sales of the digital single, available via [[BandCamp]], will go to Phoenix charity H.E.R.O. Phoenix.

Photo by Scott Harrison/Getty Images
Tour 2014
Thumbcrown Publishing, ASCAP, 2014 c

"I wanted to make sure to donate to an organization that is directly impacted by the bill. I went to a town meeting with the organization since I happened to be in town that day. It was exciting to see people come together and not being complaisant."

(Watch the music video for "Dust")

The response has been grand. As civil rights movements pick up speed around the world, Eric's single release has been reported through US blogs and sites, but also as far as the Czech Republic.

"It has been overwhelmingly positive. You like a song and put it out there. Usually, I wait to have eight or nine songs. This- the time is now. I want to show support now, not six months from now."

(Watch the music video for "Red Hot Tears")

Outside of being vocal and a visible queer voice in music, Eric is set to perform alongside Ani DiFranco in a few shows in the spring.

"[Ani] is someone political and visible. I love that (and go on the road with her). She inpired my social concern. Most artists do not want to do with that. They want to perform their songs [without alienating their audience]. This is my experience. How can I as a member of the GLBT community say...'what do I have to say?' This is our time. Not twenty years in the future, where [hopefully] things will be better, nor twenty years ago where no one discussed it."

Eric and Ani will stop by Ram's Head Live on April 26th, in Baltimore, Maryland. They will also stop by Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts.

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