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Eric Himan donates to H.E.R.O. Phoenix via Arizona’s SB1062 single

Eric Himan, the very sweet and very out queer artist, is not stepping on new territory. This year he is touring with fellow activist Ani DiFranco in support of his latest CD, Gracefully, which includes "Red Hot Tears", a pick for best video and best song of 2013. But Eric has been out there making equality statements for years. He has worked next to Tom Goss and even toured with OneRepublic, as he has effortlessly transitioned from music and food with his cooking show, Trial and Eric. Not to mention he covers Journey, Kings of Leon, Adele, Rihanna, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston like nobody else.

Eric Himan/Ani DiFranco are touring together this year:
Thumbcrown Publishing, ASCAP, 2014 c
Not Going Anywhere Tonight
Thumbcrown Publishing, ASCAP, 2014 c

His newest recording "Not Going Anywhere Tonight" responds to the anti-queer passing of Arizona's SB1062. The bill, introduced by Senator Steve Yarbrough, "would amend an existing law to give any individual or legal entity an exemption from any state law that substantially burdens their exercise of religion". At the moment, the state of Arizona does not have protection for sexual orientation under the law.

The song is available for purchase via [[BandCamp]], every dollar raised is being donated by Eric directly to [[H.E.R.O. Phoenix]], a nonprofit organization fighting this bill and for full LGBT Rights in Arizona.