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Eric Hill death: Tears fall on 'The Bachelorette' after Andi learns tragic news

Andi Dorfman learns about the death of Eric Hill.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

News of Eric Hill's death on "The Bachelorette" caused tears to fall. Chris Harrison sat down with Andi Dorfman and her four remaining men after hometown dates. The host of the series made it clear that bringing everyone together at that point in the season was unorthodox, but he wanted to tell everyone the sad news of Eric's death at once. Andi went to her Twitter on Monday, July 7, to share a message about Eric Hill's passing.

Eric Hill died back in April after a paragliding accident. Fans knew of the accident immediately after it happened. Fans also knew that he died. "The Bachelorette" was still in production when news of the man's death hit the Internet. ABC had to deal with his passing, and Andi had to know about the man's death. However, fans reacted to how ABC dealt with the man's appearance on the series. Eric Hill exited the series on the June 2 episode, but he did not leave quietly.

Andi and Eric talked before his exit, and he shared his thoughts on her. He thought Andi faked things in front of the cameras. Andi took great offense to his words, and she sent him home. ABC showed his departure in full before Chris Harrison sat down with Andi to talk about Eric's departure and his death. Many fans wondered why ABC did not edit Eric out of the series, but the reasons for that became clear after the episode aired. Eric Hill's exit from the series affected Andi. Monday night's episode showed that impact clearly.

Chris sat down with Andi and the four men at the house in Los Angeles. Andi immediately cried. The men cried, and the network showed a moment where everyone hugged and took a moment. Andi's thoughts went back to her last conversation with Eric. She remembered their confrontation, and she felt guilty for it. Andi will not have an opportunity to talk things out with Eric Hill on the "Men-Tell-All" episode that will air later this season.

Eric Hill died in April, so some time has passed. Andi spoke briefly about his death on her Twitter. She said the following:

"Tough to watch this part. Heavy hearts as we remember Eric but smiles as his legacy lives on. #LiveLikeEric #TheBachelorette."

Arie Luyendyk Jr. also posted on his Twitter on Monday night. His tweet mentioned how the bachelor family is all connected. This is very true. The connection to the ABC reality series does not end when the cameras stop rolling at the end of each season. Members of both "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" casts meet regularly at events. Several members of the casts that did not successfully find love during their appearance often find love with others from the casts that they meet later on.

Death had not touched "The Bachelor" franchise until this past year. Fans learned of Eric Hill's death, but Gia Allemand also died. ABC remembered her time on the series during the last season of "The Bachelor." Did ABC need to show Andi and the men's sit down with Chris Harrison? Yes. Did ABC need to extend the moment out as they did? No. Not only did they show Chris' reveal of the news, but Andi also broke down before handing out the roses at the rose ceremony. ABC milked this sad moment unnecessarily. After her moment, Andi sent Marcus home.

Eric's death was a tragedy. He was a man that had a full life ahead of him. His adventurous side led to his death. Will fans hear more about his death on this season? That is likely. The "Men-Tell-All" will give Andi and the men another opportunity to reflect on his death. What do you think? Are you watching this season of "The Bachelorette" on ABC? How do you feel about how ABC is handling Eric's passing?

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