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Eric Garner's death ruled homicide as thousands post new video 'I Can't Breathe'

Today Broadway Global and Theatre Chat were given the official ok to share "I Can't Breathe" video. Just days ago Eric Garner's death at the hands of the NYPD has now been ruled a Homicide. Sadly what will most likely come of this ruling is this, Justifiable Homicide. Eric was killed by a NYC Police Officer who has now been "re-assigned". Horrifying live video was captured while the police officer used a prohibited chokehold on Eric Garner who was asthmatic. The chokehold killed Eric, while on-lookers watched with no medical attention offered. The NY Times just reported August 3, 2014 that the man who filmed the fatal police chokehold video was arrested, as Eric Garner's widow calls for justice, and the Broadway community shares its' message through a You Tube video named "I Can't Breathe".

Broadway artists came together on a moments notice July 29, 2014 and created a special video named "I Can't Breath". The video is bringing attention to this horrific story. Poet Daniel Watts performs a spoken word piece in front of Broadway performers and community supporters as they hum a simple melody. For those wishing to email the arts leaders in support for Eric Garner, you may do so at "This horrific story is not over, thanks to countless Broadway talents keeping this in the news." Theatre Chat.

Police Union President Patrick Lynch said that Ramsey Orta, the man who taped the fatal arrest of Eric Garner was 'demonizing the good work of police officers", while Rev Al Sharpton publicly says to Police President that that Ramsey was a bystander when cops arrested Eric Garner. 'I do think that this will be the sickest logic that I ever heard."Al Sharpton. Please share this article link, along with the "I Can't Breathe video that is attached. We as a cultured society must demand news laws and changes, to stop the daily abuse from those who are hired to protect and serve.

Broadway Global thanks Brandon Victor Dixon, Warren Adams, and countless Broadway talents who are determined to keep Eric Garner's death in the news, until changes are confirmed with new laws. "It was incredible to see over 100 Broadway performers gather together today, on a moment's notice, to send a message, not only about the death of Eric Garner, but about the regular use of excessive police force against an unarmed, unprotected populace." Brandon Victor Dixon (Tony Award nominated Motown star).

Shocked and stunned the Broadway arts community ask supporters to rally together in peace, to stop tragic deaths that have happened way to often while in the hands of law enforcement. "This is not a black or white issue, this is an American issue. We must change our aggressive society, yes even with those who are hired to protect and serve. Once again artists are the leaders, demanding change and respect for life. May Eric Garner rest in peace, let his death not be in vain. We are not a perfect world, but through the art of music, talented artists, and peaceful supporters we can be leaders in our global society. " USA Theatre Chat. This story is a follow up from

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