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Eric Ebron 2014 NFL Draft mini scouting report

Eric Ebron 2014 NFL Draft mini scouting report

Eric Ebron – Tight End

Height: 6’4 | Weight: 245 pounds | North Carolina | Junior

Strengths: Eric is a top level athlete as a tight end and has the versatility to line up and be productive in an assortment of positions. He has very good speed and quickness off the line that he uses well to get separation against linebackers and safeties to attack the seams deep down field. He has very good hands and uses them well to pluck the ball from the air. He has the athleticism and body control to adjust to off target passes and make the catch. Once he makes the catch he aggressively runs to gain extra yardage consistently. He gives good effort in pass blocking and in-line run blocking. Has a good feel for finding the soft spots in zone defenses. Does a good job at protecting the ball.

Weaknesses: Eric has the athleticism and agility to stay over his feet and maintain his run block in space, but like his pass blocking he needs some technique work. That can be cleaned up by professional coaching at the NFL level by a solid position coach. He needs to add some strength as well to be better equipped at sustaining blocks against some of the elite defensive ends in the NFL. Needs to use his size and leaping ability more to his advantage against smaller defensive backs and linebackers. Still learning the mental part of the game since he is still raw to the position.

Final Thoughts: Eric was voted to the 2013 All ACC First Team. He came to the University of North Carolina as a defensive end which shows he is a gifted athlete with the successful switch to the tight end position. He has all of the physical tools now to be a legitimate threat as a receiving tight end, but to become an All-Pro and all-around tight end in the NFL he needs some technique work with his route running and blocking. He compares favorably to Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley with his wide receiver type qualities. If you would like to see a closer behind the scenes look at Eric Ebron as he gets ready for the NFL Combine and the 2014 NFL Draft take a look at the new mini series on “Pressure Points” sponsored by Gillette Deodorant. I got a chance to talk with Eric on Wednesday Feb. 12, 2014 through Kristin Sundberg (Account Supervisor at Ketchum PR). I asked him several questions about football and about himself. The one that stood out the most was his answer to “Would you rather play for a NFL team that is built to win now or one that is in rebuilding mode?” Eric’s response, “Does not matter and looks forward for the opportunity to play.” Meaning he is willing to work to obtain his goals and not look for short cuts to be successful. To me that’s a good sign that someone will be getting a very good football player.