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Eric Dane mistakes: Actor speaks out about past mistakes and learning from them

Eric Dane
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

Eric Dane is now speaking out about his big mistakes. On Thursday, People shared the news about Eric Dane finally admitting that things went wrong for him in the past. He knows that he has made mistakes in the past and he is sorry for bringing his wife into it all. Now that he is starring on a new show called "The Last Ship" he is talking about his mistakes.

He is very happy about where he is at in his life right now. Eric has two daughters with his wife Rebecca. Billie is 4-years-old and Georgia is 2 1/2-years-old. A video came out that showed Eric with another woman and then only a bit later he ended up in rehab for painkillers. Eric is saying that he is very sorry that he brought his wife Rebecca into all of this and even said she is the most important person in his life. It is great to hear that this man loves his wife so much.

Eric Dane does know that he is a very lucky man. He is really excited that his life is going so well right now. Dane was on "Grey's Anatomy" and they ended up killing off his character. He has now moved on to a new show called "The Last Ship" which airs on TNT. The first week was a great episode and hopefully this show has staying power and will stick around for a few more years.

He does not have his own Twitter page, but a fan page is talking all about the show. They are retweeting and sharing what fans have to say about "The Last Ship." They are all loving this new show and are on his side hoping that it does great. Fans are really happy to see Eric Dane back on a show again and that he is on their television again every single week.

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