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Eric Clapton says he will tour no more due to travel being unbearable

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, 69, the famed singer and songwriting guitarist, has announced that he is not going to tour with his music anymore. He has made his extremely negative feelings about traveling and touring known while being interviewed recently. He said that life on the road is both unbearable and unapproachable. Thus, according to Huffington Post on Friday, Clapton is retiring from the touring portion of his phenomenal career.

Furthermore, Clapton revealed that his odd ailments may cause him to stop playing the guitar completely. Yet, he doesn’t plan to totally quit the music business which has brought him international fame. He will put his efforts into his music’s recording studio work rather than on traveling with his music. He summarized his future changes by saying that there are many things he’d still like to do, but he is looking at an eventual total retirement as well.

While speaking to Uncut magazine in an interview, he said that he will allow himself to carry on recording in the recording studio. However, he does not want to “go off the boil” to the point where he starts embarrassing himself. He made no comparison to others that he may feel have stayed in the business too long and done just that – embarrassed themselves.

Of touring and traveling the world specifically, Clapton asserted that the world feels too similar at present. He believes that most countries throughout the world now resemble a different version of America. It is within this scope that he said the road has become unbearable and the road has become unapproachable. He said that it simply takes so long to get anywhere, and it’s hostile everywhere. He expressed grave concern about trying to get in and out of airports as well as trying to travel anywhere on planes and in cars. Clapton has one more appearance scheduled for this summer in Poland.