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Eric Church talks fighting and public sex at his concerts to CBS

Eric Church interview with CBS Sunday Morning
Eric Church interview with CBS Sunday Morning
Eric Church, Facebook

Eric Church appeared on “CBS Sunday Morning” on February 9, 2014, and shed light on the antics that take place during his concerts, including fighting and public sex.

“Let the spirit move, man,” Eric Church declared.

Eric Church knows his audience all too well and he isn’t bothered by the obscene happenings during his live performances.

“There’s a couple songs that they are always gonna fight them like clockwork. I know that they are gonna have sex on this one, kinda openly. My parents are in the pit, so it’s awesome,” he states.

Eric Church reveals that he doesn't know if he will ever record another album.

He confessed to kicking a security guard who was in the midst of trying to control a rowdy fan. Eric didn’t think the fan was being destructive, so he stepped in.

Eric admits, “It was more of a kick. Somewhat of a punch, it was however I could get to him.”

“We played a lot of those places that were rougher, but at the same time it was just people kinda cutting loose from their lives. I learned that those were our kinda people,” Eric said.

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Eric discusses his upbringing, personal life, and more in the complete interview. “The Outsiders,” Eric’s fourth studio album is set for release this Tuesday, February 11. Find tour dates and more here.

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