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Eric Church talks about the revolution of country music

Eric Church talks about the revolution of country music
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Eric Church is known for crossing musical boundaries and pushing the envelope. Eric recently expressed his opinion on the ever-changing music industry in an interview with iHeartRadio.

"You know for me the revolution of country music is natural thing. I think that any music if you look back in time, any era, there was stuff going on in that era that people said this is too this, or this is to that, or this is too rock. But most of the people who were making that music were trying to stretch the format and there were trying to go somewhere else," Eric said.

Several of Eric's singles have been labeled controversial by radio executives. Critics proclaimed his single, The Outsiders, as his boldest release yet. The single featured an edgy guitar solo that was edited out of the radio version. How does the "Springsteen" singer feel about country music today?

He states, "I think that for me country music is still the home love. The songwriter and the song, that’s what country music is about. I think that the level of our commitment to the fans and to the history of the format is what makes us unique."

Catch Eric Church headlining the iHeartRadio Country Festival in March. His next album, The Outsiders is due in stores on February 11, 2014. Follow him on Twitter here.