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Eric Church drops bizarre prequel: Watch 'San Destino Rising: Movimiento De Una'

Eric Church is an outsider -- that much is clear. Months before he dropped his latest disc, he began the album's promotion with a sequence of mysterious video clips, including one furiously highlighting Taylor Swift and her Pinnacle Award acceptance speech at the 2013 CMA Awards.

Eric Church Celebrates the release of his new album 'The Outsiders' with The Outsiders Live Tour at the Buckhead Theatre on February 14, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

In a brand new featurette, Church tells the tale of "San Destino Rising: Movimiento De Uno" -- in other words, the movement of one. Draped in dark hues and an obscure storyline, the mini-movie serves as somewhat of a prequel to his "Give Me Back My Hometown" music video, which only hints at a bleak funeral and cryptic circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

"You're gonna do this my way," a domineering 40-something woman leers at her lesser in "Give Me Back My Hometown."

In "San Destino Rising," the story is fleshed out with menacing dialogue. Money exchanges hands, threats are hurled and one person's life is held delicately in the balance. A younger female character appears to be at the end of her rope, and approaches the aforementioned woman for a second chance at pleasing her. "I was hoping you could give me another chance," she begs, her face steeped in anguish.

"I thought I might see you today," the older woman replies, a smirk playing at the corners of her mouth. "Do you understand we play by the rules here?"

Check out "San Destino Rising: Movimiento De Una" above.

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